Photo of old church      Officially, the church we know and love as St. Paul Lutheran Church was organized in March of 1916 and was called St. Paul German Lutheran Church. The Rev. O. C. Wolff had been serving St. John's of Sparta since 1898 and was given permission to serve St. Paul's also. Prior to this time Rev. Henry Vetter served the mission field covering the area of Montevideo.
     After holding services in a rental location at 210 South Fifth Street in 1919, a church was purchased from Our Savior's Lutheran Church for $3,000. This church is now located in Pioneer Village. The purchased church was used until construction began in 1951 on the Kasota stone building that is still serving our congregation today.
     Below are some of the dates of interest about our church:

  • 1875 - Rev. Vetter served ten families near Montevideo
  • 1922 - St. Paul Lutheran Church joined the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.
  • 1923 - Resolved to have some services in English
  • 1933 - St. Paul's numbered 160 communicant members at the end of the year
  • 1947 - A revised constitution was adopted to appoint a committee "to secure new members"
  • 1954 - Congregation now had 338 communicant members, 580 baptized members
  • 1962 - St. Paul's numbered 445 communicant members at the end of the year
  • 1966 - Celebrated 50th Anniversary, 485 communicant members, 701 baptized members
  • 1972 - Approved to erect the Christian Growth addition to the church
  • 1991 - Celebrated 75th Anniversary with 590 baptized and 480 communicants
  • 2001 - Dedicated Rodgers 807 "Trillium" Organ
  • 2005 - A lift was dedicated to provide access to all three levels
  • 2005 - We give thanks for our 545 baptized and 439 communicant members
  • 2016 - Celebrated 100th Anniversary

     As we look back in thanks to God for the blessings of the past, we eagerly look forward to the blessings and the mission God has waiting for our congregation to proclaim the love of Christ.

     The flock always needs a Shepherd and we have been blessed with the following pastors:

1873-1916 Rev. Henry Vetter
1916-1920 Rev. O. C. Wolff
1920-1934 Rev. Herman W. Moehring
1934-1943 Rev. Erwin E. Schroeder
1942-1948 Rev. John Zimmerman
1948-1954 Rev. Clarence D. Uetzmann
1954-1963 Rev. Oliver M. Schultz
1964-1982 Rev. Dale G. Young
1982-1984 Rev. Rudolph A. Haak, Interim
1984-1995 Rev. Roger A. Rekstad
1995 Rev. Loren D. Kruse, Interim
1995-2003 Rev. Leo R. Deitemeyer
2003-2004 Rev. Ronald Hobbie, Interim
Rev. Dennis Schultz, Interim
2004-2008 Rev. D. H. Baumgarn
2008 Rev. Robert Friedrich, Interim
2008 - 2016 Rev. Christopher Lieske
2016 - 2017 Rev. Jack Baumgarn, Interim
2017 - Rev. Keith Brustuen

"...tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the the next generation would know them, even the children yet to be born...would put their trust in God..."
Psalm 78:4, 6-7